Where to position your air conditioner

During hot summer months, many customers want to get their air conditioner up and running as soon as possible. Some customers may forget that the positioning of the aircon plays a crucial role on effective heating or cooling.

There are a few factors to consider:


Consider the air flow

Your air conditioner should ideally be placed in a position that compliments the natural flow of air in the room. If you place your aircon near doors that are regularly opened or shut or if some furniture is blocking the flow of the AC, it will not work to its full potential. Air should be transported from your AC to the rest of the room with minimal obstructions.

Aircon Install Position

Try to avoid heated points

Your air conditioner probably has a thermostat installed which regulates the temperature of the room. This enables the unit to regulate the temperature and adjust accordingly. Some heat points such as kettles or in direct sunlight could have an effect on the regulation of the room temperature. Try to place your aircon in a neutral area, away from direct sunlight or appliances that produces heat.

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