Using your Aircon for Heating

Winter is upon us and so many South Africans still rely on traditional heating solutions to warm up their homes and office spaces. Electrical, oil and gas heaters are mostly used, but using your air conditioner for heating purposes is more cost effective, safer and it keeps the air you breathe cleaner and healthier. Modern aircon units can provide both heating and cooling solutions, so there is no longer a need to have an air conditioner as well as a heater.

Not just for cooling

A popular misunderstanding is that air conditioners are used for cooling only, and that using it as a heating solution can be expensive. The truth is that an air conditioner is one of the most energy efficient ways to create a comfortable temperature in your home or office. Most heaters will only heat the area surrounding it, but air conditioners distribute heat evenly throughout your home. This means that your desired temperature covers a much larger area.

Heating solution

A reverse cycle aircon takes heat energy from the outside to heat the inside of your home or office. A split aircon unit is the best option to control and regulate temperatures in medium or large rooms. A multi-split aircon unit can cover multiple rooms when space is rather limited. Aircon heating evenly distributes heat and inverter aircons are much for ozone friendly than traditional heating solutions.


Air Conditioners offer Great Advantages

Aircon Heating

Heating throughout your home or office

With the aircon ventilation system, the air is purified and spreads warm air throughout your home or office.

Reverse technology

To create warmth, aircons utilise reverse technology which absorbs heat energy from the outside.


Traditional heaters such as electric heaters, oil or gas heaters come with some risk factors. On the other hand, air conditioners are the safer option when it comes to heating.


The temperature is more controlled when using an aircon. It creates a regulated environment where there are no spikes and drops in body temperature.

Alliance Inverter Pro Mirror
Samsung AR4500

Cut down on electricity costs with inverter technology

The price of electricity has increased drastically over the past couple of years. RightAir offers many energy efficient products to save on energy costs. Inverter aircon units uses far less electricity than non-inverter units. Inverter models also reaches the desired temperature much quicker, controls temperature better and operates more quietly to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Air Quality

Air quality in winter

Let’s face it, you are much less likely to open windows in winter due to the cooler temperatures. The problem is that when no fresh air enters your home or office, poor ventilation and reduced quality air results. When you use conventional heating sources oil and gas, it simply heats the air that is currently present in your home – this can introduce impurities into the air. Aircon heating ensures better ventilation and better air quality. Most of our aircon units uses sophisticated filters that ensures air purification, removing almost 100% of dust, bacteria and virus particles.

Service Repair
At RightAir, we supply many aircons options and can advise you on the best unit based on your specific needs.