Volta-Battery Lithium Ion 14.34KW 48V 280AH (stage 4)

Volta Lithium Ion Battery are relatively lightweight and can be recharged quickly. Comes in both a wall mount and floor stand configuration. Volta Stage 4 Battery is an ideal lithium-ion battery for use in a variety of solar solutions.

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Long cycle life
Using high-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries, the cycle life is more than 6000 times
at 80%DOD, and can be used for 10-15 years

High quality prismatic lithium iron phosphate battery
Higher capacity, higher current, longer life

Low internal resistance and high current
Low internal resistance of the battery, excellent continuous high current discharge performance

Intelligent BMS battery protection
Built-in intelligent BMS (battery management system), effectively avoiding overcharge,
overdischarge, overcurrent, short-circuit, balance and other problems

Communicated with multiple brands inverter same time
battery BMS supports simultaneous
communication and docking with multiple brands inverter

Good safety performance
Extreme safety test, no fire, no explosion, no leakage

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