Conquering Load Shedding with Right Air Smart Energy Solutions

Imagine going about your day, only to be plunged into darkness without warning. That was the reality for a client residing in Sandton, where the dreaded load shedding disrupted their daily lives. Frustration grew, and they sought a solution that would provide immediate backup power during these outages while keeping the door open to a future off-grid lifestyle.

We presented the client with the Deye 8kw Single Phase Hybrid Inverter. With it’s CT and WIFI capabilities, this powerful device became their lifeline during load shedding, ensuring that their essential appliances never went dark. To provide a robust energy storage solution, we introduced the Volta 5.12kWh Lithium Battery to our client. This compact and efficient battery pack can keep their lights on and their devices running smoothly.

The beauty of the chosen system lies in its modularity. Our client’s journey towards energy independence is not limited to a single purchase; rather, it is a customizable path. As their budget allows, they can effortlessly expand their system by adding more solar panels and batteries, amplifying their energy storage capacity and reducing their reliance on external power sources.

If you are looking for a solar energy solution for your home or business, make sure to contact RightAir first. Our products are world-class, our service excellent and our solutions are tailored to your budget.


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