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Choose Wind-Free Aircons for next level comfort

When choosing an air conditioning unit, it’s always important to keep your comfort in mind. Air conditioners do an amazing job when it comes to temperature control, ensuring you enjoy a temperature you are comfortable with.

Wind Free aircons just takes it to the next level. Samsung’s Wind-Free models disperses air through thousands of tiny micro-holes, eliminating unpleasant draughts and ensuring your comfort. These next-gen models cool your space without the blast of air while saving you a great deal on energy.


Cooling that doesn’t blow

Samsung’s new AR9500 Wind-Free air conditioner features a wind free system. Switching to the Wind-Free mode closes the lower air vent and activates cooling through 23 000 micro holes from the front panel instead. This eliminates that typical aircon blast and reduces air movement in the room, but producing that desired temperature you are looking for.


Quicker Cooling

The Wind-Free air conditioning unit has an automatic two-step cooling mode. It’s larger fan blades makes it possible to cool your space very quickly during the Fast Cooling mode. Once the desired temperature is reached, it automatically switches to the Wind-Free mode that maintains the temperature without you have to adjust the settings. This ultra-smart device also uses sensors to detect whether there are people in the room or not and adjusts the settings accordingly. You can simply set your aircon once and forget about it for the rest of the day.

Wind-Free Fast Cooling
Wind-Free Fast Cooling

Smarter Cooling

Get this, there’s an AI function that analyses the room and adjusts itself according to outside temperatures, room conditions as well as your previous usage settings. It basically learns how you use your aircon and customized your temperature setting. It’s also WiFi enabled, so you can operate it even when you are not physically in the room. Samsung’s SmartThings app gives you real time energy usage, updates on performance and alerts you of any issues through troubleshooting tips when required.


Better Sleep

Imagine an aircon that adjusts itself according to your sleeping patterns. Well, this is exactly what Samsung’s Wind-Free range does. The Good Sleep Mode feature maintains your ideal body temperature during all three stages of your sleep. This includes falling asleep, a deep sleep state and when you wake up. It operates quietly and includes a Dry Mode and Humidity Sensor to adjust temperature and humidity while you snooze away.

Cleaner Air

The Wind-Free AR9500 models has a Tri-Care filter that eliminates up to 98.8% of inactive bacteria in the air. The triple layer filter removes large dust particles, pet hair, fibres, fine dust and even reduces allergens and certain airborne viruses. Cleaner air means that this unit is a must have for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.


Easy Cleaning

The Auto Clean function keeps the fans running in the aircon unit and a low speed after you switch the aircon off. This dries off moisture within the heat exchanger of the indoor unit so it keeps the unit dry and minimizes the growth of bacteria.

Wind-Free Fast Cooling

Energy Saving

This new aircon range is designed to maintain desired temperatures with less fluctuation. The inverter technology is much more energy efficient. It slows down the revolutions per minute, once the desired temperature in a room is reached and then only speeds up slightly once the temperature rises again. These units can reduce energy consumption by more than 70%!

All of these features were specifically designed with customer comfort in mind. Giving you the very best air conditioning experience while considering the environment and your electricity bill. RightAir stocks a wide variety of Wind-Free airons at unbeatable prices and our sales specialists are available to help you make the right choice for your specific needs. We also offer FREE delivery throughout South Africa and we give you access to certified installers nationwide.

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