Are Pool Heat Pumps worth it?

If you are considering to buy a pool heat pump, you might ask yourself the following question. Are they worth it? Well, if you built a pool in the first place, the short answer is yes.

Pools are expensive to build and it does take a lot of effort and resources to keep the pool as well as the water in good condition. It’s a bit of a waste considering that you only enjoy the pool in warm summer months. So, you spend all that time, money and effort just for a few months in the year.

When you have a pool heat pump, it allows you to enjoy your pool all year round – giving you more days, weeks and months to enjoy a dip. It’s all about comfortable temperatures and that’s exactly what a heat pump will give you. They are appliances that are linked up on your pool circulation system.

Heat pumps are most energy efficient way to warm your swimming pool. It does not require a lot of electricity and if you utilise a pool blanket in addition to the heat pump, your swimming pool water will be kept at the desired temperature much easier.

If you want your family to spend more time in the pool and use the pool all year round, then a heat pump is surely the way to go.

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