ZNShine Solar Panel 455W Half Cell Double Glass Mono Crystalline Bifacial

Made with selected materials and components to ensure quality, longevity, efficiency and stable outputs, the ZXM6-NH144 monocrystalline modules by ZnShine represents a highly flexible solution for diverse installation types, from small home PV systems to industrial rooftop plants to large utility arrays.

ZnShine Solar’s ZXM6-NH144 monocrystalline solar modules are tested and approved by internationally recognized laboratories so that we can offer our global customers a reliable and price-quality optimized product. The linear warranty on the product output further secures increased stability and financial returns on investments over time.

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  • Excellent cells efficiency
    9BB 9BB technology decreases the distance between bus bars and finger grid line which is benefit to power increase.
  • Better Weak Illumination Response
    More power output in weak light condition, such as haze, cloudy, and morning
  • Anti PID
    Limited power degradation caused by PID effect is guaranteed under strict testing condition for mass production.
  • High wind and snow resistance
    5400 Pa snow load 2400 Pa wind load
  • 25 years power warranty After 25 years our solar panel keeps at least 80% of its initial power output.
  • Higher lifetime Power Yield
    2.5% first year degradation,0.55% linear degradation
  • 12 years product warranty
    25 years output warranty
    0.55% Annual Degradation
    over 25 years

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